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Welcome to The Winding Way.

Yes, it does have a capital The, after all, it is The Winding Way. Where is The Winding Way you ask? Well, that’s sort of hard to explain, you see, it’s here… but it’s also there…. and over yonder too. Basically, The Winding Way is everywhere, while at the same time, being nowhere. You can reach The Winding Way from wherever you happen to be standing at any given moment, but sometimes, it just doesn’t work.

The Winding Way is a staircase, yeah, a staircase that goes up and around forever, I don’t think anyone’s ever reached the top, and even if there was one, I’d be afraid to find out what’s there.

There is a landing every 15 steps of The Winding Way. on some there is a door… or two… or three, it really depends, and they’re always changing positions, sometimes a door is there, sometimes there isn’t one. That’s because worlds are born and worlds die. Yeah, you heard me, worlds. See, The Winding Way is pretty much a method to travel between worlds, it’s like, in between layers somehow. So each door goes somewhere else, some places have multiple doors, and some have only one or two.

I heard that someone once tried to map out where each and every door went, I never heard what happened to them. But even if they didn’t die horribly in some z World, it’s still impossible to map the doors, cause they’re always changing.

Well, I’ve blabbered on enough, I’ve got to try another 5 doors today, or is it night time? I really can’t keep track in here. I don’t even know how long it’s been since I started looking.

Looking for what you ask, heh, well, look around you, do you know which door you came through? I sure don’t I’m stuck here until I can find the door that leads home. Good luck finding your door, you’re gonna need it!

Home Page

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